NDTA_20_AUG_2015 2

We had a great briefing on Exchange Logistics as a supply chain from Mr. Mike Immler (Exchange Deputy Director).  Here are some of the shots from the event!

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 3

Roger Neumann was our MC for the day, seen here speaking on current NDTA happenings/plans as well as introducing Mr. Immler.

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 4

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 5

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 6

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 7

 Full house at the head table!

NDTA_20_AUG_2015 8

And a special thanks to Debbie Horton (pictured above) who stepped in at the last minute to help out with some of the technical details!