Chapter Scholarships

NDTA National provides Scholarships for students pursuing a college education

Every year, NDTA headquarters distributes tens of thousands of dollars to students pursuing a college education. As a reminder, scholarship applications are due April 16. Please see for the applications and further details.

DFW Chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA)

$1000 scholarships

To not only advance the study of logistics, transportation, distribution, supply chain, and other related areas, but to increase awareness of the links between transportation/logistics to literally all career fields, the DFW Chapter of the NDTA offers up to 4, $1000 scholarships each year to deserving college and college-bound students attending Dallas/Fort Worth metro area colleges, universities, or high schools. We want to give assistance to students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate degree programs in logistics or related disciplines, but also other career fields when those students understand and want to further advance the relationships between the logistics areas and their chosen pursuits.

The NDTA mission includes

  1. Providing a common forum to discuss and endorse programs that promote transportation preparedness for economic and security needs
  2. Providing active assistance, in a non-partisan capacity, to government agencies involved in peacetime and defense preparedness transportation planning
  3. Serving as a link between government and industry to obtain the needed cooperation and support necessary for strong and efficient transportation systems
  4. Assisting in the education of young executives who plan to pursue a career in transportation through our NDTA Foundation and mentoring
  5. Supporting continued reliance on the private enterprise systems of ownership and operation of transportation
  6. Supporting, conducting and assisting programs of transportation education and scientific research and development among private, industrial, educational and government agencies, designed to increase the effectiveness, economy and responsiveness of the transportation industry and allied services to defense needs
  7. Fostering a spirit of patriotic and cooperative goodwill and mutual understanding among its members, industrial entities, components of the transportation industry

Scholarships, therefore, are intended to foster growth in and support of these mission areas in our next generation of leaders and logisticians. During monthly meeting and outings, our chapter focuses on professional development of our members and networking within the varied logistics industries. And, to encourage growth and participation of younger members, student memberships in NDTA are $10 and at least one of the scholarships is awarded to an applying member each year.